Public Sector Network Events

Public Sector Network events provide dedicated roadshows and summits for federal, state, and local government departments, healthcare, and education to discuss national and global trends taking place in the public sector.

With vast changes and shrinking budgets, Public Sector Network’s events bring together the innovators, champions, policy makers and early adopters.

Gain invaluable insight, strategise and network with key executives to drive Australia’s public sector forward.

Data and Analytics Roadshow 2018

Adelaide – Sydney – Canberra – Perth – Melbourne – Brisbane – Wellington,
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Local Government Transformation Series 2018

Sydney – Melbourne – Wellington – Adelaide – Brisbane – Perth,
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Women in Leadership Roadshow 2018

Brisbane – Sydney – Melbourne – Hobart – Adelaide – Perth – Darwin – Canberra,
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Public Sector Contact Centre Series 2018

Sydney – Melbourne – Canberra – Brisbane – Wellington,
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AuSec 2018

Canberra, Australia
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Digital & CX Series 2018 Main site

Sydney – Melbourne -Adelaide – Brisbane – Canberra – Perth – Wellington, Australia
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