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Public Sector Networks Events connect Federal, State, and Local government departments, healthcare and education to discuss national and global trends taking place in the public sector.


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Who We Are

Public Sector Network is a research company that represents public sector professionals across Australia and New Zealand and develops roundtables, seminars, and conferences to suit current areas of interest. Our growing online community spans across Federal, State, and Local governmentdepartments, healthcare, and education, allowing members to share information, access the latest in government news and innovation, and engage with other like-minded individuals on a secure and closed-door network.

Why We Are Different

Public Sector Network is a young, diverse company that exists to help government break down silos, collaborate, and work together for better outcomes for citizens. We believe that public sector is forced to be one of the most innovative and resourceful industries in the world. Rather than constantly solving the same problem, government can improve citizen services whilst saving time - and money - by sharing and learning from other agencies, departments and councils.

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Join our growing community spanning Federal, State, and Local government, healthcare and education, to share information, access the latest in government innovation and engage with like-minded individuals in a closed-door network.

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Upcoming Events

17 Jul, 2018

Australian Security Summit 2018

Challenges to national security continue to evolve in efforts to destabilise the peace and safety we have in Australia. Shifting regional...

14 Aug, 2018

Digital Government and CX Series 2018

The Australian Public Sector is under growing pressure to modernise processes and systems, to facilitate the delivery of efficient and...

10 Sep, 2018

Public Sector Cyber Security Series 2018

Cyber threats and attacks disrupt infrastructure, networks, information and services and can cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damage,...


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“The Women Leaders in the Public Sector was a thought-provoking event that was supported by women and men in key leadership positions, who had passion and intent to be change makers in this space. I walked away with valuable information on resilience, career movement and career balance throughout my life. The speakers were positive and relevant. I can’t wait for the next event!”

Roads and Maritime

Women in Leadership Series

“A fantastic event with high calibre speakers that delivered thorough insight into public safety, law enforcement and security”

ESRI Australia

Australian Security Summit

“I found the summit very worthwhile and covered a lot of information in such a short time frame”

Parliament of Victoria

Australian Security Summit

“It was a very good event with relevant speakers. The roundtables are not only a good networking opportunity, but interesting”

Australian Taxation Office

Business Transformation Series